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4 Ways To Tell That You Need New Cabinets

One of the most important parts of any home is the cabinets. Cabinets are essential for providing storage and organization for your home and can completely change the look and feel of your space. BenchCraft Custom Millworks specializes in custom cabinetry, including custom kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom cabinetry, for homes throughout the Front Range and mountains, including Vail, Denver, and Aspen. Learn four ways to tell if you need new cabinets.


Visible Signs of Wear and Tear

One of the most common signs that you need new cabinets is visible signs of wear and tear. If the cabinets are cracked, peeling, or chipped, it's time to invest in new cabinets.


Poor Functionality

If your cabinets are difficult to open or close, or if the drawers are sticking, it's time to purchase new ones. Poor functionality can make it difficult to access your items, so it's important to ensure that your cabinets are up-to-date and in good condition.


Damage from Water or Moisture

Water damage can be common for cabinets located in your kitchen and bathroom due to the fact you use a lot of water in those areas. If you have noticed any water or moisture damage on your cabinets, it's time to replace them as soon as possible. This type of damage can cause mold and mildew to grow, which can be hazardous to your health, not to mention unsightly.


Outdated Design

Keeping your home modern not only helps to improve its value, but it makes it nice for you, too. If your cabinetry for your kitchen, bathroom, or other space is looking outdated, it could be time to invest in new custom cabinets. Upgrading to new custom cabinets can instantly transform the look of your kitchen and make it look more modern and stylish.

If you notice any of these signs, it's time to invest in new custom cabinets for your bathroom, kitchen, and more, BenchCraft Custom Millworks offers the best custom cabinetry and woodworking, so your home will be both functional and beautiful.